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KME Sharpeners
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KME Sharpeners Knife Sharpener
Complete KME Sharpeners Knife Sharpener
I’ve been a knife user, collector since I delivered newspapers in the 60’s.  I have searched for a good, fool proof sharpening system since then.  I’ve used flat stones, steel rods, ceramic sticks and clamp-on-rod type systems, all with mediocre success. When I started making custom knives a few years ago my frustration continued.  I found the KME sharpener at a sport show; it solved the problems of the other sharpeners.  The bevel angles are easy to maintain, flipping from one side to the other is easy and base keeps everything steady.  Within minutes you will find yourself putting “hair popping” edges on all your knives.  You will not be disappointed.   - Dean Fry

Thank you for your interest in KME Sharpeners.  Due to pressure from E-Bay, Amazon and the like we can no longer operate this site as an e-commerce site.  We still sell KME sharpeners at shows, and still believe the KME system is still the best sharpener available for the money.  Information on the sharpener is on this site and available on KME’s own site.  We have the prices listed on the system and some of the accessories.  If you want to buy a sharpener from us please call us or e-mail us and we can work out the details.  We’re sorry that we had to give up the convenience of on-line e-commerce but the cost of keeping the e-commerce capabilities is too high when competing with sellers like the above mentioned who have NO knowledge of the product they are selling.  We would hope you can see the value of buying a product from someone who is knowledgeable and uses the product frequently.  Feel free to call us or e-mal us with any questions.  Thanks, Dean & Carol Fry
KME Sharpeners

KME Sharpeners

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KME Precision Knife Sharpening SystemKME Precision Knife Sharpening System

Kit Includes:

• 1- NEW Larger - Hardshell Case

• 1- KME Knife Sharpening System

• 4- Diamond abrasive blocks

• 1- 1oz Bottle of Honing Oil

• 1- 12 x 12 Cotton Cleaning Cloth

• 1- Detailed Instructions

Knife Sharpening System Accessory BaseKnife Sharpening System Accessory BaseAccessory base to attach to the Standard Sharpener Kit.
Ceramic Sharpening Stone set of 4Ceramic Sharpening Stone set of 44" x 1" x 1/4" Ceramic Sharpening Stones. Color Varies.

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